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Odoo Timesheets

Odoo provided the application of timetables to control the progress of project implementation by the administration and manage employees and tasks to facilitate the implementation process accurately.

Each employee, when he begins to carry out the tasks assigned to him, begins with one click of a button calculating the time it will take to perform the task. Management and employees can know the progress of project implementation on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis.

Thus, this application simplifies the implementation process accurately and monitors the progress of implementation and the extent to which the employee can be assigned other tasks or mitigate the tasks entrusted to him to ensure the implementation of the project as planned.

It is also possible to send timetables to employees and prepare reports on the performance of each employee to make an accurate and detailed assessment and the ability to track performance and on the basis of which future plans for the institution can be developed.

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Manage your activities & workforce

Keep your projects under control and manage employee time from the Odoo backend

Manage your activities

Forecast needs & resources

Project performance & employees' availability

Forecast needs & resources
Track your team's progress

Visualize your team's progress on each project or task. Tracking expected hours, effective hours and reforecasts on tasks has never been so easy.

Keep your projects profitable

Get an overview of your billable time. Track all the resources allocated to your project and see your profits and losses.

Invoice timesheets to clients

Automatically generate one-time or recurring invoices based on expenses and timesheet entries.

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