Integration with Nafath

The primary source of all government sources In 
Saudi Arabia

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Integration with Nafath in Saudi Arabia

Noptechs offers integration service with Nafath. that is the unified national platform that facilitates Saudi citizens, residents, businessmen and visitors to search for e-government services and help them obtain information related to Saudi Arabia.

Nafath is the primary source for all other government sources by providing a large amount of information , in addition, it is designed to be direct, and offers an easy experience for you while ensuring that your needs are met.

About Nafath

Nafath is a service that enables individuals to access government and private services via a secure and reliable unified access point.

Features of Nafath system

When you enter the portal, you can search for government services or information through the search bar, you can also see the most important events in Saudi Arabia, and you can also access many government services, including the most commonly used services, enterprise and business services, as well as health services, personal documents and others.

All services are provided through several channels that work in conjunction with each other in order to provide a simple and effective user experience, integrated with the latest technologies and built on a system of centralization and reliability . In addition, you have access to performance statistics, service level agreements and questionnaires.

Benefits of linking with Nafath 

  • The first national reference for all digital government information and services in Saudi Arabia and the source specialized in facilitating citizens, residents, businessmen and visitors to search and access with ease.
  • A global standard in the experience of government services provided to citizens, residents and visitors.
  • Providing services through multiple and homogeneous channels that work side by side, and in a simultaneous manner.

How to integrate with Nafath ?

The integration step with Nafath is to subscribe to Nafath system and provide us with the subscription information to link the company's internal system with the various systems.

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