Easy Signature

odoo sign

Now, through the Odoo system, organizations can get rid of paper-based transactions that waste time, effort, and money.

With Odoo, all transactions can be done faster and more economically, in addition to the impossibility of losing or delaying them in the employees' offices.

Through the application of the signal, documents are sent by e-mail with the ability to sign them electronically.

The completion of transactions electronically with Odoo is very safe, because it is possible to encrypt all correspondences and documents and ensure that they reach the specialists in the organization or outside it, and it is not possible for another person who is not competent to access them, whether to view or change them, and also these documents are considered legal and fulfill all conditions necessary.

Cut costs

Forget hidden costs like printing, copying, faxing, scanning, shredding, and posting. Everything is accessible online from any device.Never lose important documents again.

Save time

Stop waiting for days or even weeks for all parties to sign your documents. Move forward and close your deals in just a few clicks

Reduce errors

Eliminate manual operations and improve the quality of the documents filled out and signed. Make sure parts that require a signature are signed.

Join us and make your company a better place.