Real Estate Management

Real Estate system

- Real estate management, follow-up and self-reservation for clients with ease.
- View all unit details through the online store according to the specific classifications for each property.
- Writing rental contracts or selling in detail electronically and signing them electronically.
- Multiple rental pricing according to type (furnished, empty, hotel) or size (1+0, 1+1, 2+1) or periods (day, month, year).

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• The ability to create accounts for real estate owners through the site by themselves, and to define the real estate data (location, area, pictures, services) directly.
• Follow-up collection and automatic alerts of due dates for rents or tax payments, contract renewals, and others.
• Billing and electronic payment through all means of payment.
• Follow-up tasks for periodic maintenance and service requests and costs.
• Organizing and controlling assets and maintenance operations.
• Integrated with CRM system and financial accounts.
• Calculating assets and annual operating budgets and following them up.
• Detailed tax and financial reports.
• Possibility of working in multiple currencies and languages (Arabic, English...).

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